Korean inspired caramelised Sweet Potato

>> Sunday, March 3, 2013

Found 2 sweet potatoes sitting on the kitchen bench and decided to do something with it.

I am normally not a big fan of sweet potatoes, but I couldn't stand seeing them sitting on the bench rotting their life away..

It's full house now and... I can experiment and make all these snacks hoping to have them gone in no time... Provided they are edible as how I imagined they would be.

So, inspired by a Korean side dish from a farewell dinner that I had with a friend that was leaving :(

The korean caramelised fried sweet potato!!!

It was a pretty simple dish involving minimal ingredients.

I couldn't find a satisfying recipe so I decided to make up one as I went along. Firstly I boiled the potatoes for 5 mins just to soften them up. Thinking that it will lessen the time for deep frying.

It was then peeling the skin off and chopping them into bite size pieces. Marinate it with sligh soya sauce and sesame oil. My impression was of it was sweet, but I like my sweets a little savoury and hence the soya sauce for some colour and taste.

While marinating, set up your wok or in my case.. my deep fryer to deep fry them :) Deep fry the sweet potatoes for 8-10 mins, until it is golden brown.

When the potatoes are deep-frying, heat up a pan with some sugar. This process is to caramelise them. Put a layer of sugar so they can caramelise evenly.

Once the sugar are browned and "liquidy", quickly toss the fried potatoes in to coat them with the sugar.

Plate them once down. Enjoy it best with a cuppa tea!


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