6 additions to my african violet family!!

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

Bass Valley African violets. Grantville Highway. 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. A bit just before crossing over to the Philip Island.

Manage to persuade my aunt to drive me and mum all the way there, plus, dragged my cousin along so he can

1. have a break from his computer
2. get some fresh air out there
3. "practice" his photography skills
4. what's better than a good human GPS?

Six new additions to my collection of african violets sitting home!! I was only planning to get 2 initially but guess what?

I ended up getting six of them. It just felt like the others were all shouting


How many "MeS" can I afford to get?

ah.. might as well, since we had to drive all the way here just to getyou.

So I'll have you...

and you...

what about you? No, you're apparently one tough breed :(

and you...wait.. I already have you...

well, you then,

the both of you..
and ah.... i think you too, too.

OKAY, OKAY, self controlll..... ENOUGH, I say, ENOUGH

Now, time for more propagation back home.

p/s the whole greenhouse behind the house was FILLED with african violets.
I asked the owner if she started it as a hobby at first.. she said

"Yes, and it just grew."



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