Icing Flowers : FIRST ATTEMPT

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First attempt in making my own icing sugar flowers .

Cause, they just cost too much buying them for my cupcake decoration.

Not sure if I'll ever make attempt TWO a reality.

It was so tiring and my whole hand was covered with purple stained from kneading it into the dough.

Word of advice, it is DEFINITELY better to use colouring paste rather than the watery food colouring.

I bought this fondant dough from this shop called cake deco somewhere near Flinders Street, some time ago but just recently got the time to experiment it.

The lady told me that all you have to do is just knead it with icing sugar to get the dough, and start cutting it with a cutter.

the process,

knead,knead, knead,

add some icing sugar and knead, knead, knead

knead and add icing sugar (x)times until you get a satisfied consistency when you pinch it. Not too hard, not too sticky, according to you-tube.

add colouring, little by little, while kneading it, till you get the colour you want..

then, start rolling it out and start cutting the shape out with your flower cutter!!

cut,cut,cut, OH CRUMBLES, it is not coming off the cutter, it's too sticky, add more icing sugar...

cut, cut, cut, OH CRUMBLES, it's too hard.

try pressing harder.

cut, cut, cut, press, press, press

ooo.. it's starting to come out, oh no, I accidentally pulled the petal out. chubby fingers.


i'm going to use my carrot cutter, see.. so easy... and I can add this little flake in it and it looks just as nice.

No, can't give up, fine, try again

cut,cut,cut... finally starting to slowly turn out nicer...

this is so tiring!! no wonder these icing sugars costs so much!!!

ok, that's it for today.

end product

These flowers are going to contribute to my cupcakes soon :)

There's still half a pack of fondant sitting in the cupboard.



Tray Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 10:33:00 AM GMT+10  

Hi smay!!
Helper here :) hehe.. they look so cool!!! bet they taste nice as well x)
btw.. blogging at 3.55am?? :O haha..
im gonna blog soon :D

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