Masterchef INSPIRED day

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspired by the current "IT" reality tv show, MASTERCHEF, we had our very first "Masterchef Day"

Everything made from scratch, starting from buying the ingredients ourselves from no other than, Safeway to eating it.

Menu for the day, two entrees, two mains and, to end the day, with, two desserts.

People were divided into teams but as time when went by, everyone was around doing bits of pieces of everything!!!



My first attempt in wrapping dumplings, don't really know how to wrap one.

I just simply, anyhow, with the advice from R, fold the edges together.

Filling:pork and prawn and other stuff.

Cooked the dumplings in two ways. fried and boiled, served with an "intuition" made sauce of soy sauce, sesame oil and GARLIC.

For some reason, this time, for once, I prefer boiled dumplings.


Spring Rolls (aka Spring onions to some).

Filling: pork and carrot (from what I remembered)

It is so easy for some to mistake spring rolls as spring onions and being able say it so smoothly, without realising it; and influence others to say it as norm.
The spring roll was made with a twist. Instead of deep-frying it, it was baked, (those health conscious ones, they are healthy ) so the meat had to be cooked slightly beforehand. With a layer of egg-wash on top, chucked it in the oven.
It didn't however turned out crispy//


Pumpkin and Chicken Risotto.

the name sums up the main ingredients for you....

This is my personal favourite out of all the dishes. "ichiban"

Presentation maybe not be at its best, but seriously, I could finish the whole bowl ALL by MYSELF!!

I just LOVE Risotto!!


Fettuccine Carbonara.

yum, yum, This main is such a classic, all time favourite.

Only critism, the pasta is not as al dente as I expect it to be :P


The most highly respectable,looked-forward, Chocolate Fondant

However, this dessert is not that approachable.

Getting it all cooked outside AND the inside.

The look of it was superb, though it sank not long after.. sigh..

Not glooey in the middle, though there was ONE in the batch that turned out glooey.. HURRAY, but the lucky girl, didn't liked it glooey!!!!

Verdict: Worth second try.


Blueberry crumble cake.

BLUEBERRIES.... who can ever get enough of blueberries? I
f I would have to feed from one fruit in the world it would have to be bluebeerrriiieessss!!

Actually, take that back, I still love my figs and peaches!!!!

Again: don't judge a book by its cover. The taste is actually pretty good...
Verdict: Worth second try too!!!

At the end of the day, DISHES!!!! All piled up for us to wash...

wish, wish, wash, wash....finally done..

all just sat down and stared at each other.
Wait, we need to vote what the best dishes are!!!!

sounds of drum rolls..... the winner for today's masterchef kitchen.....goes to.. RISOTTO!!!!

hip hip hooray....(though I did not cook it at all, except chopping up the ingredients)

"We're going to continue this next holiday, yea? YEA!!!"

What a long and tiring day.

And hence, they say,

"You can never say a person can't cook, unless she really can't cook!"

courtesy to D.Wirjowarpiro


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