On her real day...

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No responsibility is being held for those who are expecting pretty food pictures :P

It's a dedication post to my BFF's 21st :)

So, it was on her real day that we thought of giving her a "BIGGER" surprise....

upon realising that MOST of her friends have boycotted her 21st for
(not sure how many :P)

haha.. don't worry, Jo, I didn't, though I COULD have...

but nah... you DO know how much I treasure J=(LS^2 delta A)^(1/2) and hence precisely,
my goldfish in dirty water.

We couldn't find any other place, and hence we had to use L's new house.

It was such a pretty and big house and I'm sorry to say that we had to mess up his house, the very first day they HAVE to move in.

Okay, the plan is, we'll find odd corner spots around the house and surprise her .

But, should we all jump out all at once, or pop out one by one?

We can't come to an agreement, okay, we'll do whatever that comes into mind, when I count 3,21!

In her mind, she should be thinking, "I'm just going to have dinner with L's parents in their new house."

WAIT A MINUTE, why is L so unorganised? Did any of you bring a knife? candles? drinks?


and also.. the fridge is unplugged...ah ha.... it's freezing cold outside, it should be alright leaving it out there, says one.



Oh CRUMBLES!! Here she comes!!!
Everyone into position..

3,2,1... why is no one jumping.... 3,2,1.... (what the)

[burst out laughing and fell out from my "hiding" spot. Oops,Jo, saw me :s]

It was NOW that everyone jumped out and "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

HAHa...that was SO not a great way to surprise someone but I'm definitely going to remember this scene, forever and I'm sure she will too :)

lalala... let's play poker...

okay, here are your chips... A, I'm going to team up with you because I don't know the rules too welll..

A shall we risk it? shall we risk it, fine, you raise? WE RAISE 20... haha.. we have nothing to lose.. okay.. A, why did we do this knowing what we have with our cards?

okay..next set, FOLD FOLD FOLD, A, I made the decision to fold

the next three cards are down, WHY DID WE FOLD? I could have done my "ALL IN" action.

fine, I never believe that I can ever WIN in gambling.

lalala... smay, can I borrow you for a sec? sure L...

okay...so you'll play this video and I bring the cake up yea?


wait.. no we bring the cake up together..

ok, maybe you can watch the video first...

Ok, wow, how did you know how to use this "graduation" song? I wanted to ask you to use it too!!

[while everyone waas watching the video]

cake, here we come.....

OH NO!!!!

Curious in how the initial cake looked like?

Just imagine a pyramid of scoops of ice-cream ball stacked up real high. (no one was smart enough take a before pic) [sorry, bff, the look of the cake shall remain a mystery to you forever]
cake cutting scene

So, I'm sorry, we'll just have to eat it like this.

S.. make a toast to the birthday girl....

er, why me? Well, you are her BFF!!!

Let me think, okay, Jo, we could have done today better but I know that you will remember it this way better... TO THE BIRTHDAY GIRL


ONCE AGAIN, before the week is over...

HAPPY 21ST JO !!!!

get off L

AH... Much better..


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