Jy Shi's 21st at Ying Tai

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ying Thai 2

  • 110 Lygon St
    Carlton 3053 VIC
  • Phone: (03) 9639 1697
Picture a Thai restaurant, the first thing that comes into mind would be classical, wooden interior decoration, with a pleasant smell of Sandalwood.

Thanks, to my friend Jy Shi's 21st, I got to once again visit one of my favourite places for Thai. Ying Thai!!! Contrary to the all the stereotypical interior, Ying Thai has a funky green theme decor, one that would associate to a playschool, with paintings of little Thai kids on the wall. Nonetheless, this environment creates a nice and cosy place for friends to gather for dinner.

Deciding what to order.....

First up, Thai fried rice spicy

(I'm sorry, I do not know the names of the dishes as they we re all ordered by the birthday girll... my bad.. I can only describe them to you.)

Then, the must have, Thai dish, Tom Yum seafood soup very spicy, it was really spicy but it gives a good feeling after drinking it...

3rd, pandan chicken safe , one of my favourites.....
(chicken wrapped with pandan leaves served with a Thai Dipping sauce)

All time winner, mince meat spicy
(best served with rice, infact, very well....)

5th, some chive cake served with beansprout spicy
(A good combination when served with beansprout)

There was also green curry safe but unfortunately, I was busy eating and didn't manage to take a picture of it.

The final moment... It was cake cutting time. This time we bought her a Laurent, Trio cake. It's definitely a recommendable cake. It's a cake with three layers of mousse.. milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate on top of a cake base... All the cake were gone!!


Check out the cakes from Laurent, they have been pretty good, with many shops around Victoria.


Aww.... isn't she just so cute and pretty today..plus the candles were special candles.. it kept re-igniting.. heheh.. took her a long time to blow them out.

There is always room for more desserts!! Just right after the cake, went to the gelati shop, Fredo's, next dooor.... who can resist its Ferroro flavour?!!! As good as eating the chocolate itself. Most of all, to some durian fans out there.. they serve authetic tasting durian flavoured gelati there!!

Just a group picture to end this post...

HAPPY 21st JY SHI....
My best neighbour/actuarial buddy/ friend/ guinea pig...



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