Lindt Cafe in Melbourne

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

There's always time for a chocolate drink, especially with my sweet tooth buddy, Tiff!!

Wishing you were still here to go more sweets samplings with me...

All the best, keep updating me with your life back in HK :)

Okay... so here you go....

The highly reputable Lindt Chocolat Cafe finally opened in Melbourne!!!

271 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9667 0900

Great decor~

The Lindt connoisseurs’ selection

Thinking hard, deciding what to try this time.

a Ha... decided!! Why not, Chocolate Milkshake this time..

( there wasn't enough taste this time, to me it tasted more like milk milkshake rather than a chocolate milkshake.)
and then.. you have Tiffy's Iced-chocolate..

Delice!! why are they called Delice you say?

This is what I've gathered from their board.

The French call them “Macarons”. At Lindt we call them “Delice”. Two small mounds of melt in the mouth almond meringue are sandwiched together with a rich chocolate cream filling.

so there you go... passionfruit and pistachio. Pistachio is highly recommendable.


I've heard some saying that "it's highly overrated" and some, "it's so good!!!!", so from just two comments, it equals to no comment which comes down to MY COMMENT.

I would say, it is definitely worth trying especially for the decor and just because it's on Collins street, just right next to Tiffany&Co.

Personally, having tried its hot chocolate, iced chocolate, chocolate milkshake, my verdict is, if you're looking for a real, rich, creamy, chocolatie drink that would last you for dinner, this is not IT. It is a drink that will allow you to eat after drinking it, as compared to its other friendly competitors.

ps. the receipt was found to have its Sydney address on... They can do better than that..

Nonetheless, definitely worth a try.


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