Strawberry Yogurt Pudding

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

strawberry yogurt pudding.

A very good friend of mine made this yogurt pudding for an outing. The texture was perfect,
not too soft, not too hard.

texture 98%
presentation 100%

was made to please....

what more, it was made of my most favourite,

refreshing, perfect for summer!

I managed to get hold of her recipe and am sharing it out.
courtesy to my dear friend.


450 ml strawberry flavoured yogurt / plain yogurt
500 ml milk
2 punnets of strawberries
150g castor sugar
100ml water
30g gelatine powder

1 box of strawberry flavoured jello


  1. Follow the instructions on the box of the jelly and set it on the bottom of the mould. This can be done on the night before.
  2. Soak gelatine powder in 3 tbsp of water for 3 minutes and microwave it for 20 seconds until powder dissolves. Set aside and let it cool.
  3. Cut the strawberries into cubes.
  4. Combine strawberries and yogurt, mixing it in a blender.
  5. Heat up milk and sugar, till the sugar completely dissolves.
  6. Combine yogurt mixture,milk, gelatine and mix well.
  7. Pour it into the mould, (on top of the jelly, done beforehand) and place it in the freezer till set.
  8. Remove from mould and serve.


  • Can be replaced with other fruits
  • Using the same flavoured yogurt according to the fruit used can contribute to a better flavour
  • Can substitute yogurt with low fat and less sugar yogurt for a healthier option


Alisa Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 2:27:00 AM GMT+11  

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smay Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 10:10:00 AM GMT+11  

No, thank you for your recommendation! I'm fairly new to the food blogging world, so I don't know much about all these stuff!! will check it out :)

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